Our Mission: "The Lewis Family of Businesses is a global institution in which service and mankind meets in the middle. We provide world-class services, products and opportunities to local and global communities, neighbors and friends.

Vision Statement: Providing world class services, products and opportunities to everyday people

The Lewis Family Of Businesses


L&J Empowerment's mission is to provide opportunities that might not otherwise exist for underserved communities in the areas of mental health, workforce development, and racial justice. We exist to break down barriers to academic success, economic prosperity, and mental wellness for under-resourced populations across the country and world. We passionately support the communities we serve through a diverse team of staff and partners, innovative practices, and cutting-edge research.



We are an intellectual property and trademark related business focusing on the innovative efforts of Lorenzo P. Lewis, and friends. 


Spirituality, Education, Legacy and Prosperity


It’s a philosophy that speaker and social entrepreneur Lorenzo Lewis lives by. With a decade of professional experience in behavioral health and founder of The Confess Project, an initiative that empowers barbers to become mental health advocates for men of color, Lorenzo helps you confess to your issues to begin to build a better process of living.


Effective Leadership

World Class Opportunities For Everyday People